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Thread: Oak-Chn trade

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    Oak-Chn trade

    Athletics send

    Orber Moreno(3.0 gold stars 300K through 05 arb. possible)
    Ray Durham(2.5 gold stars 6 mill through 06)
    1.25 mill in cash

    Cubs send

    Melvin Mora (2.0 gold stars 3 mill auto)
    Bronson Arroyo (2.5 gold stars 1,014,286 through 05 arb. eligible)
    Ryan Wing (4.0 blue stars MLC)
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    Re: Oak-Chn trade


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    Re: Oak-Chn trade

    This trade is pretty bad, for once in OAKs favor. We gotta help the new gm.

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    Re: Oak-Chn trade

    This trade is bad, but not blatantly so. In my opinion it's not vetoable.
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    Re: Oak-Chn trade

    IF CHN was experienced id say let it go though they are gettin a bad deal, but with new gms they dont know what theire doin and we gotta protect them like in this deal.

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    Re: Oak-Chn trade

    Nah looks just fine to me. Just leave it be.

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    Re: Oak-Chn trade

    I am gonna have to agree with Yanks on this, hes new and probably has no previous experience. Its a pretty bad deal and barely, if any helps out Chicago. Hes new and for once were are gonna have to help new guys out ya know? We really dont want this to tank again so we gotta keep a watch fo rhese small deals
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    Re: Oak-Chn trade

    ya veto it
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    Re: Oak-Chn trade

    What's wrong with it?
    Quote Originally Posted by ORS
    I know they will. At some point in your life, you'll grow up and quit pulling stupid shit like this. Then, the world will be a better place. Unfortunately, somebody else will turn 12 and start doing the same thing. It's a vicious cycle.

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