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Thread: Over Stocked in MRs!!

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    Over Stocked in MRs!!

    I have so many, Idont have the room. Only one in teh Majors can go. Bullinger and any other in AAA can go. Also Hinske is still avail!! I dont really know what I want, maybe a Spect SP of decent quality in AAA or maybe AA
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    Re: Over Stocked in MRs!!

    I got a bunch of 3.0+ SP spects coming in that I'd be willing to trade for Hinske:

    C John Buck (AAA) 4.0 blue (DET)
    SS Brian Specht (AAA) 3.0 blue (DET)
    RHP Mathew O'Brien (AAA) 3.0 blue (DET)
    RHP Landon Jacobson (AAA) 3.0 blue (DET)
    RHP Bill Heger (AAA) 4.0 blue (LA)
    RHP Rodrigo Rosario (AAA) 2.0 gold (SD)
    RHP Eric Thompson (AAA) 2.5 gold (SD)
    RHP Shane Komine (AAA) 3.5 blue (ATL)
    SS Mike Morse (A) 3.0 blue (ATL)
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