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Thread: Draft was BS

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    Re: Draft was BS

    Quote Originally Posted by Yanks in 05
    Now Im sorta really suspicious, no offence ACL you have the 6th pick or sumtin (forget) and get the best player when someone in front of you got a 1.0?

    ya know, saying "no offense" doesn't really help, I still take offense to what you said.

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    Re: Draft was BS

    I was just saying it was BS not that there was any shennanigans.
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    Re: Draft was BS

    I have never played OOTP before, but don't you think the computer know who will develop and who won't? Just a thought.

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    Re: Draft was BS

    ok we all agree the draft blew
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    Wink Re: Draft was BS

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow29
    If he REALLY rigged it, he woulda made ti less suspicious. Like give them 5.0s but keep the one he wanted until his pick. I trust him. You guys just need something wrong dont cha?
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