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Thread: 'Toine To Heat in Biggest Deal In NBA History

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    'Toine To Heat in Biggest Deal In NBA History

    MIAMI -- In the largest trade in NBA history, Antoine Walker was dealt from Boston to Miami on Tuesday night in a transaction involving five teams and 13 players.

    The Heat also acquired point guard Jason Williams and small forward James Posey from Memphis, while the Grizzlies received guard Eddie Jones from the Heat. The New Orleans Hornets and Utah Jazz were also involved in the deal.

    The trade was larger than a 12-player, four-team deal in 2000 involving Patrick Ewing that had been the biggest in league history.

    Miami also received Andre Emmett from Memphis and the draft rights to Roberto Duenas of Spain from the Hornets; Utah received Greg Ostertag from Memphis; Boston picked up Curtis Borchardt from Utah and a package -- Qyntel Woods, the draft rights to Spanish center Albert Miralles, two second-round draft picks and cash -- from Miami; New Orleans acquired Rasual Butler from Miami and Kirk Snyder from Utah; and the Grizzlies received guard Raul Lopez from the Jazz.

    walker, shaq, and wade...thats pretty scary

    i think they'll definetely be in the finals this year vs the spurs.

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    Re: 'Toine To Heat in Biggest Deal In NBA History

    Haha, what a ridiculous trade for the Celtics. I heard Miralles isnt that bad, but Qyntel Woods? The guy will be fucking kicking dogs and rolling blunts on the bench. And draft picks? I say last thing we needed.

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    Re: 'Toine To Heat in Biggest Deal In NBA History

    The Heat looking great on paper... but what the hell were they thinking? They were in the Finals last year if not for an injury to shaq. I think it's a bad trade for them. Look for Shaq complaining about touches at some point.

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    Re: 'Toine To Heat in Biggest Deal In NBA History

    I think this is a great trade for the heat. They basically replace Eddie Jones 3 point shooting with Posey's, and they add another decent PG in White Chocolate. Eddie Jones was getting old, and if I'm not mistaken had a huge contract. Posey is younger, and he does more than just shoot 3s like Eddie has been known to do.

    How about Shaq's new contract 5 year 100mill.

    How many times are the Celts gonna trade Antoine? I thought they brought him back last year so he could play with Pierce again? Now he's traded again? I just don't get it.

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    Re: 'Toine To Heat in Biggest Deal In NBA History

    i think the heat got everything in this deal and ripped off all the other teams...they only lost eddie jones, rasul bulter, 2nd round picks, and cash. its gonna be them and the Cavs in the NBA finals :thumbsup:


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