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Thread: Bash Ksushi! What an asshole that guy is!

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    Re: Bash Ksushi! What an asshole that guy is!

    On that note, I'm goin' to bed. Crespo, you better have somethin for me here when I wake up. I'm gonna wake up and come right here. Cool? I want you to set the tone for my day tomorrow. I want you to make sure I have a bad day. Gimme something good. Lemme know how dumb I am, lemme know how much of an asshole I am, OR!! better yet, post a snide one liner. One of those good ones your so famous for.

    I want that. That would really help me out. Don't forget to feed your new dog.
    I am the biggest spaz of all time

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    Re: Bash Ksushi! What an asshole that guy is!

    i wish that i had a dog big enough to ride home. like that movie where that kid rides that giant dog through the skies or even clifford the big red dog would do. itd be awesome to just blow a whistle and have one of them come to me.

    "on that note" im going to bed. Ksushi, apparently your life is so boring that you need someone to point out your obvious flaws everyday for you when you wake up. try looking in the mirror big guy, itll be that much easier and wont even involve the internet? just a suggestion.

    im going to go feed my dogs.

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    Re: Bash Ksushi! What an asshole that guy is!

    Ah I need to edit that.

    Anywhoo, thanks for being manny, guy.

    Cresp, sorry I've offended you with my stupidity man. I happen to not think I'm THAT stupid, but whatever. Life goes on I guess. I still the Mets should probably trade Jose Reyes. I still think the Mets would benefit greatly from having a guy like Erik Bedard. I now think that Betancourt isn't as cool in the field as I thought he was a couple days ago, part of that is because in between your one liners, you bring some insightful stuff. Next time, it would be sweet if you could disagree with me without going rambo or trying to troll it up. I feel like you wanted this to go south, and thats cool. If you have problem with me and the way I think and how dumb I am blah blah, lemme have it in here.
    I am the biggest spaz of all time

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    Re: Bash Ksushi! What an asshole that guy is!

    Quote Originally Posted by ksushi;333217;
    I'm gonna bump this bad boy for my buddy crespo. C'mon man. Lemme have it. I want you to just let 'er rip on me. I probably deserve it. I definitely deserved it that last time, there should really be a blood/alcohol limit for talksox but hey! what fun would that be.

    So, here we go. I'll get a box of tissues and sit by my computer. I'm seriously ready to hear the cold hard truth.
    Why the fuck would you do this. I'm going against Fights and Crap policy and closing this thread.

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