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Thread: Website news

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    Website news

    Well guys, I prettied up the site as best as I could on short notice. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Here's an update on what's been done so far.

    1) Changed color scheme
    2) Created league icon [I really think it looks cool]
    3) Created league chat room. You guys need to have java. As far as I can see, we will use the chat room for our draft. I will need one of you guys to run the draft at the same time with me as a back up.
    4) Created a scrolling sports ticker. I threw in a little humor there.
    5) Created a frame based web-site. You can access everything in the league and also the talksox forum page without ever leaving the league website.

    Check it out and tell me what you guys think, and I will do the best I can to incorporate any features you guys would want, time permitting.
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    Re: Website news

    Love the scrolling news right now.

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    Re: Website news

    The scrolling news is brilliant.
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